Hinged Bow-Spring Centralizer

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Material: steel plate+ Spring steels

● Assembly of different materials to reduce material cost.

● Hinged connection, convenient installation, and reduced transportation cost.

● ”This product exceeds API Spec 10D and ISO 10427 standards for centralizers.

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Centralizer – Advantages and Benefits

In the cementing operation of oil and gas wells, centralizers are essential tools. It is a special device mainly used to help the casing center in the wellbore during the cementing process. This can ensure that the cement is evenly distributed around the casing and provide a strong bond between the casing and the formation to ensure the stable operation of the oil and gas well.

The centralizer is woven from bow springs and end clamp components, and connected together through cylindrical pins, with high resetting force and fixing ability. At the same time, stop rings are also used at the upper and lower ends of the centralizer, effectively ensuring the position of the centralizer on the casing.

To ensure the high performance of the centralizer during use, we conducted load and reset force tests on each type of braided bow spring centralizer. These tests are completed by a universal testing machine, which slowly presses the centralizer into the pipeline corresponding to its outer diameter (simulated wellbore) and records the corresponding lowering force. Afterwards, insert the sleeve corresponding to the inner diameter of the stabilizer into it to complete the bending of the single bow and the resetting force test of the single and double bows. Through these tests, we can obtain relatively accurate experimental data to ensure the high quality of the centralizer. Only with qualified experimental data can we continue production and use.

The design of the centralizer also needs to consider transportation and material costs. Therefore, in the design process, we use components of different materials for weaving and choose to complete the assembly on site. This design can reduce material and transportation costs while retaining the high resetting force characteristics of the bow spring centralizer.

The centralizer is an essential tool in the cementing operation of oil and gas wells. Through load and reset force testing, we can obtain relatively accurate experimental data to ensure that the centralizer has high quality. In the future, we will continue to optimize the design and manufacturing process of centralizers, providing more reliable guarantees for oil and gas well cementing operations.

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